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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beach Baby and Rock Star

I made these "wall hangings" for Christmas gifts for Tammy and Bob.  I had seen a fabric "shell frame" in Ruth Rae's book, "layered, tattered & stitched, A fabric art workshop" quite some time ago and knew when I saw it, I wanted to use that photo of Tammy playing in the sand on Virginia Beach and create a similar piece.  I had collected shells and sand at North Myrtle Beach when I was there to visit in 2010 and they were a perfect addition.  After finishing the piece, I knew I had to make something for Bob, too.  Since he is learning to play the guitar, the choice for the theme was obvious.  The guitar pick came in a box of miscellaneous things I purchased on Ebay. The muslin and lace are coffee stained on the beach piece and I used denim for the rock star piece.  Ruth used organza, but, I used fine netting on the front to hold everything in place. They were fun to make, although, my sewing skills these days, leave a lot to be desired !!