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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Rose Matchbox

I put this small matchbox together while I was making the larger one for my sister.  It has the same script scrapbook paper on the outside and lining the inside.  As I was going through my collage assortment, I came across this tiny picture of a woman holding a bouquet of roses - perfect size for the top of the little box.  I had a small piece of the antique lace left over, so folded it up, found an old leaf earring in my box of junk jewelery, removed the wire and tied brown ribbon through the hole, found a small fabric flower, then laid them all inside the box.  Perfect fit and perfect elements to go with the picture.  Added a small brass rose to the top and all was well with the world.

A Matchbox for my Sis

I wanted to create something for my sister who has been battling cancer for over 6 years - her faith carries her through each day.  I have had this old matchbox sitting around forever and decided this would make a nice small gift for her.  I covered the outside and lined the inside with script scrapbook paper.  A piece of coffee stained vintage lace and brown ribbon are also used on the outside of the box.  The framed photo is one of my all time favorites of her and I taken in South Dakota around the fall of 1946.  Our family had made a trip from Iowa to visit grandparents and aunts and uncles.  The men all went pheasant hunting and a photo was taken of her and I holding up the spoils of the hunt.  The birds were cleaned and prepared for a feast that evening.  I remember always saying pheasant was my favorite meal for a long time after those days.  Inside the box, I have glued down some "autumn" leaves and pheasant colored feathers.  Other elements inside the box are a piece of coffee stained lace held together with a small brass safety pin to which I have attached a small heart that has "love" engraved upon it.  I have tied together a small bunch of wheat like stems and decorated a tiny straw hat with ribbon and flowers.  The little hat is the only element that is removable.  Everything else has a touch of glue to hold it in its place.   I hope she likes this gift and hope that it will bring back pleasant memories for her, too,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Card for Tammy

 I made this card for my daughter's birthday. Today is the day, so now, I can show the photos.  She is a very accomplished seamstress, taking after her maternal grandmother, so I know she will enjoy the theme.  I was inspired by an ATC seen on a blog recently. I wish I had written down the artist's blog title so I could give credit.  I have a stamp for the dressmaker's form.  I stamped it, then cut it out and embellished it.with scraps of paper and a bit of fabric and ribbon for the tie around the waist.  Made the bias tape card with  card stock and scrap booking paper.  The button card ??  Didn't have any decorative ones in my stash, so, went to EBay and found one up for bid, saved a picture, then made one to a small size and sewed on the tiny buttons.  The spool ? from a package of sewing embellishments.  It was wood -- I cut it in half and wound the thread around it. When I think about all of the buttons, seam tape, bias tape, rick rack, fabric scraps, ribbon and lace leftovers that I had from my days of sewing many years ago --- never would I have thought I would rue the day of letting it all go !!