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Monday, April 30, 2012

Memories of Portugal

These pages are filled with mementos and memories of different days, times and thoughts !  A pocket is filled with bits and pieces of memorabilia. . . . . . This journal reflects only a small part of this amazing journey !!

Day 9 - Time to Go Home

How could the time have passed so quickly ??  Here it was, time to go home !!  There had been hurricane warnings for the east coast, so we had been concerned about flights being cancelled --fortunately, all was well that morning.  Luis picked us up at the hotel and taxied us to the Lisbon airport with plenty of time to get through passport checks and customs.  I didn't have my paints and cosmetics packed to suit the security check point in the bag that I had intended to carry on -- away I went back to flight check-in to check the bag --  the alternative was to have them take all of those things away from me.  Frustration set in -- it was another long day of travel  -- home never looked so good.

Day 8 - The Last Day

This was the day to finish our projects - our last day to be with all of our new friends !! We spent time putting finihing touches on our Navigator's Journals throughout the morning.  Another lunch at the little cafe next door to the studio, then back to the studio to clean up, pack our belongings and then it was "show and tell" time.  Micheal critiqued each of our creations noting things about each one and each artist -- seeing things that we did not even think about.  Margarita and her husband treated us to dinner at a beautiful Portuguese restaurant later that night -  the end of the evening was filled with tearful farewells to all.  It was likely we would never see any of these artists again -- some would keep in touch, some would not.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Seven - The FADO

This was another full day at the studio working on our creations and learning techniques from Micheal.  His use of watercolor paints was a real learning experience for me.  We again had lunch in the little cafe next door -- had some free time late in the afternoon and we wanted to do a little more shopping so hopped in a taxi and took off to Cacais where the streets were lined with wonderful little shops. Then back to the hotel for a bit of rest before we were taxied to a local Saturday night treat of FADO entertainers.  I had never heard of Fado singers and after returning home, entered the word to search on the computer.  It was a fascinating education !!  Our fish and steaks were grilled in the fireplace in the same room where we were seated.  I loved the smiling 12 string quitar player !!