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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hilery's Belated Birthday Gift

 In 2006, I embellished a wood frame like this with my Mom and Dad's wedding day photo.  On the back of it, I placed a copy of a closing from a letter my Dad wrote to my Mom before they were married.  It said "from your daffy-doodled, swan eyed snookums".  The day my brother and I were going through that box of Mom's letters, skimming through bits and pieces, I came across that and burst out laughing -- that was "so much" my Dad !!  He had such "wit" about him !! For Tammy's 50th birthday, I made a similar frame with our wedding day snapshot.  I thought it was time for Hilery to have one with her Mom and Dad's
wedding day. When I was going through the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of buttons I have to find five that I thought looked good together, it took me longer than the entire rest of the project.  Anyway, it is always fun to create something for someone else.

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