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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rose Cone

  I've never been partial to cones, but wanted to make something for each of the "Rose" cousin families in memory of  "Grandma Mom" and the Rose heritage.  I'm not sure that is going to happen -- this may end up being the only one . I had signed up for an on line class last spring with Nancy Maxwell James at sugarlumpstudios and this was one of the projects -- it looked like just the ticket. It has been a huge "hassle" for me to get this together and make it appealing to my eye.  My seamstress abilities are certainly not what they used to be !!  I can't remember when I last used my sewing machine or threaded a needle for any reason.  This is my largest one and may end up being the only one I make.  I picked up a pair of pale yellow denim jeans at a garage sale and used the fabric from them for the cone itself.  I coffee stained laces, doilies, ribbons and silk roses to use.  The tiny "pearl" strand was colored with alcohol ink.  The photo of CJ and Minnie is their wedding portrait, of course.  The music "Joy to the World"  was printed on ecru card stock, rolled and stapled.  There is a tiny bottle filled with gold and white beads and two gold "wedding rings" tied on with ribbon,  laying on the "bed" of lace.  The embellishment on the front is a sales award pin that I received from Avon several years ago.  The stickpin that was attached with a short chain had engraving in the center that I covered with a watch face and applied glaze over it.  I had cut the circles for four of these, all different sizes, so, I guess I will probably proceed in making them --  they will be the same, but, different !!

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