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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bottles and Boxes for Apothecary

 These are a few of my favorite bottles and boxes created for my Witches Apothecary Cabinet.  I love the "musty bones" and the "flying bats" the most.  The "Dragon Fire"  is a red mini perfume bottle from my collection of small perfumes. The only addition is the label and a chain with a dragon charm found at Hobby Lobby.  The bat fangs is an eye concealer jar that I painted the worn gold edge with black acrylic, added rhinestones, then glued a pendant to the bottom for added interest.  There are black fang looking beads inside from a collection of "things" my daughter sent me when we started following Laura's tutorial at artfullymusing.   I used green alcohol ink and green rhinestones into clay for the "old crone" beauty cream.  I "dismembered" a plastic skeleton for the musty bones square plastic container that my grand-daughter gave me.  The "arsenic" is a small bottle with green glass chips that I found in my "hoarders" collection.  I used black alcohol ink on the cork, added the label, the flying bats and a chain with a dragon fly charm.  These and more have been so much fun to create to add to the shelves of the cabinet.  Thank you, Laura, for all of the ideas, directions AND inspiration !!
Transylvanian Bat Fangs

The back of the Gravedigger's Musty Bones

Dismembered plastic skeleton for Gravedigger's
Musty Bones 

Flying Bats on an Arsenic Poison Bottle
Old Crone Beauty Cream

Red mini-perfume bottle, transformed into "Dragon's Fire

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