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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apothecary Cabinet Close-ups

 These are a few close-up photos of the top and back of my apothecary cabinet.  All of the jars, candles, etc. are glued down with E-6000.  I had thought about permanently gluing all of the bottles, boxes, bits and bobs to the shelves also -- BUT -- then, we couldn't take them out and look at all of the fun things on the insides and backsides !!!  I am thinking of adding a bit more cheesecloth and webbing.  OH MY, is that spider webbing "stuff" fun to work with !!  Adding to this cabinet and all of the things to go with it will be an ongoing process -- I may be done by Christmas !!! OR NOT !!! OOPS, better start thinking about the next holiday season !

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