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Monday, November 12, 2012

For the Apothecary

 Here are two additions to my Apothecary Cabinet display - - a cauldron and a tin.   The cauldron is a glass votive candle holder picked up at the 99 cent store. (an idea from my daughter)  I used black alcohol ink and gold Rub and Buff to color it and added gold stickers.  I dyed spider webbing with green alcohol ink as Laura did in her tutorial.  Glued some wobbly eyeballs to it and    a black bird to the rim.  This one started out life as a cardinal.   I should have bought more of the little black crows when I first started this project.  The Deadly Nightshade tin was one out of my "collection" of tins.  Glad I have a couple of cans of spray paints out in the garage.  The tin was blue - I sprayed it with gold, then slightly distressed it with a red ink pad.  I used some of the flowers and leaves on the top that I had painted earlier -- added a dot of orange to the centers and a coat of orange glitter acrylic.  This bird was originally a white dove from the wedding aisle at Micheal's.  I tried NOT to buy more "stuff", but, ended up ordering a few things from Alpha Stamps -- I just did not have anything to duplicate the leafy ribbon or some of the neat papers. I know this is going to be an ongoing project for some time to come !!!!!

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